Prickly Pear Pop Sucker

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A bright red lollipop made with prickly pear syrup, shaped like a prickly pear cactus!


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CJ 16th Apr 2014

Just one lick...and I fell so hard ....hard, love with you Oh Prickly Pear Pop

My buddy who I work with raved about these Prickly Pear Pops they sell in a general store/tourist store in Picacho Peak (btwn Phoenix and Tucson). I gotta say, after he pumped these suckers up--I had to see what the fuss was all about. I gotta say--worth the hype in my opinion. I went online and searched for them and Sibley's West was the most reasonable priced. Plus, they are local and I knew I would get them faster...because I was hooked. They weren't overly sweet/sugary and had a slight honey type taste to them. 5 Stars for sure!

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