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Sibley's West has an array of unique Gift Baskets, Bowls and Trays for any occasion. You can order one from the display below or contact us to create your own. Items can be placed in a basket, a tray or even a floppy ceramic bowl, if you desire. They are handsomely presented and then wrapped with plastic. Our gift baskets are Arizona themed with products from AZ by locally owned and operated businesses.

Corporate buyers are invited to email us at or call 480-899-4480 for any event or gift needs. Baskets and trays can be customized for any particular group. Kathy Peach of the Sibley's West team can help meet your needs.

To expedite delivery, on rare occasions some elements of the basket may be substituted with a similar item of equal or greater value. If there is an item that you require to be included, please share it in the note section of the order.

Some Gift Basket Ideas:


Prickly Pear Basket

Sample all kinds of yummy treats featuring the fruit of Arizona cactus -- popcorn, trail mix, candy, jelly and a sucker. $29.95


Everything Prickly Pear Tray

This gift tray features a wonderful array of Prickly Pear products, including a box of Prickly Pear candy, taffy, trail mix, a sucker and both Prickly Pear Jelly and Cactus Marmalade. It also includes Prickly Pear soap and Prickly Pear lotion. $68.95.


Welcome to Arizona Gift Tray

This is a great gift for both newcomers and folks who love Arizona! It features a Dirt Cap, A Day Trips book, a deck of "All About Arizona" playing cards, Arizona Sun lip balm and sunscreen, a postcard, Desert Aloe lotion. $97.95


Arizona Sandstone Basket

Celebrate the gorgeous scenery of Arizona with a basket featuring quality items made of sandstone from the White Mountains. Featuring a sandstone picture frame, four sandstone coasters, a sandstone pen, and a 4-inch glass cactus mounted on sandstone. $89.99


Arizona Heat Tray

For those who love foods with a bit of heat, this is the ultimate gift: It features Ghost Pepper salsa, four Extreme Hot Sauces (including Spontaneous Combustion), a Habanero pepper, Desert Inferno rub, and Carolina Reaper pepper flakes. Plus Fire Rock chili, Mega Diablo hot sauce, and Phoenix Wing Sauce. $87.95


Arizona Welcome Baby Gift Basket

A perfect gift for new parents! It features a cactus-shaped teether, diaper therapy cream and nourishing lotion from Susan Brown's Baby, and a copy of the children's book "Because You Are My Baby." $64.95 


Arizona Wellness Tray

This contains a great selection of wellness products from Arizona suppliers. It includes balms from Medicine of the People, sprays from Skin Sense, a lotion bar and a scented medicine ball and a body wrap. Great to give the gift of relaxation! $160.95


Arizona Pampering Tray

Everyone loves a little pampering! Why not share this beautiful tray? It features soaps, lotions and bath bombs from Wild Women Soaps, a scented eye pillow and a body wrap. $107.95


Arizona Route 66 Basket

This fun basket for the Route 66 enthusiast comprises a Route 66 history book, a Route 66 ceramic tile, a Route 66 ornament, a Route 66 pewter magnet, and a deck of playing cards for "The Mother Road." $89.95



Please email or call us at (480) 899-4480 for more information and pricing.