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Arizona Pampering and Health

Items to pamper yourself, made in Arizona. Women's bags, lotions, soaps, sunscreen, natural herbal remedies for aches and pains and much more. Sibley's West Health & Beauty Personal Care Massage & Relaxation Products from Arizona

  • wet-shaving-products-solid-mens-cologne-tobacco-vanilla wet-shaving-products-solid-mens-cologne-classic-vetiver

    Solid Men's Cologne

    WSP Signature Scents are unique creations by Lee. They represent WSP's first foray into the world of fine fragrance. With no holds barred, we used the best ingredients. Essential oils and absolutes such as Haitian vetiver, black pepper, and tobacco...

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  • wet-shaving-products-beard-oil-barbershop wet-shaving-products-beard-oil-tobacco

    Beard Oil

    WSP Beard Oil lets you take care of your beard while smelling great. Keep your manly beard looking manly by keeping it healthy. Maintaining a healthy balance of oils not only helps maintain natural luster and shine, it helps you maintain control and...

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  • wet-shaving-products-aftershave-barbershop wet-shaving-products-aftershave-tobacco

    Men's Aftershave

    This aftershave will seal your pores & small nicks and help soothe & heal your irritated skin. And unlike drying aftershaves, Wet Shaving Products leave behind moisturizing emollients to leave your face feeling refreshed &...

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  • Barbershop-hair-wax-wet-shaving-products Tobacco-hair-wax-wet-shaving-products

    Hair Wax

    Hair wax provides a medium hold and shine and are extremely versatile in that they work well for all types and lengths of hair. 100% HANDMADE in Chandler, AZ. No machines are used to make our wax. Hand poured & crafted in small batches of no...

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  • real-manly-soap-wet-shaving-products-barbershop real-manly-soap-wet-shaving-products-tobacco

    Real Manly Soap

    This handmade vegan castile style soap is made with only four super foods: Olive, Coconut, & Castor oils, and Shea Butter. Soap made from olive oil is gentle and doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. It has a creamy, luxurious...

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  • Wet-shaving-products-barbershop-shaving-cream Wet-shaving-products-barbershop-shaving-cream

    Wet Shaving Cream

    Slick & Easy to Lather. So easy to lather, you can use it without a brush! And it's just as slick if not better than my shave soaps, which are pretty darned slick. Best with a Brush, but Works Brush-less. For a super rich, dense, &...

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  • Wet-shaving-products-black-badger-hair-with-box Wet-shaving-products-synthetic-silvertip-with-box

    Wet Shaving Brush

    Our pure badger is 100% pure badger hair. If you haven't used a badger hair brush in the past, you're in for an experience! Firm and exfoliating, Pure Badger is your gateway to a whole new way to shave.  Don't buy goat hair! WSP only uses 100%...

    $24.95 - $30.99
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  • AZ-Life-Apparel-mask-on-head AZ-Life-Apparel-Mask

    Cloth Mask by AZ Life Apparel

    AZ Life Apparel Mask Cloth Face Covering The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, i.e., grocery stories, pharmacies, etc.  The CDC...

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  • Arizistible-Fragrance-Spray Arizistible-Fragrance-Spray-packaging

    Arizistible Fragrant Spray

    Arizistible is an enchanting fragrance produced in Arizona and featuring a blend of unique ingredients -- cactus flower, nighblooming cereus, dalmation sage, and mesquite. Smooth and peaceful yet robust enough for him or her. It comes in a 3.5-ounce...

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  • Cloth Face Covering -- Toddler

    Cloth Face Covering Mask -- Toddler

    The Toddler version of the Cloth Face Covering runs about 8 to 8.5 inches in length. CLOTH FACE COVERINGS Southwest-style cloth face covering masks -- new designs coming! No returns or exchanges. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends...

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