4 Children's Authors Highlight Oct. 7 Activities

Posted by John Wolfe on 3rd Oct 2017

Sibley’s West will host four local children’s book authors on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Colleen Dougherty (“Ellie Adventure: Picking Out Puppies”) and Tina Charney (“Your Amazing Preschooler”) will be at the store from 11 am to 1 pm.

Kathy Peach (“The Tiniest Tumbleweed”) and Louise Gabriel (“Puddles the Raindrop”) will be on hand from 1 to 3 pm.

Colleen Dougherty

Two Bichons and a foster dog were the inspiration for Colleen Dougherty to write her first children’s book, “Ellie Adventure: Picking Out Puppies!”

At the urging of one of her sons, the Gilbert mother created the story of Ellie Carmichael, a schoolgirl who every year wished for a puppy. One year she got one – and a second. “Ellie Adventure” takes along the reader as Ellie adopts her puppies and soon finds out that taking care of puppies involves more than getting puppy kisses and handing out puppy treats.

Colleen always had a passion for writing and works in rescue. She has cared for 17 foster dogs through the years.

She also started Warm Up Arizona to bring handmade scarves to the homeless in Phoenix.

Tina Charney

With “Your Amazing Preschooler,” parents can take advantage of the training and experience of preschool teachers Tina Charney and Deb Ellsworth.

The book is filled with anecdotes and examples, tips and tools from the authors' years of experiences working with hundreds of young children. They take a positive approach, rather than a "fix the problem" attack.

The authors see young children as inherently competent -- as people who are driven to learn and grow more competent in all areas of development: social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and creative. They guide parents and caregivers in using the young child's own strengths and level of development to help their children grow and develop into the capable, confident young people they are striving to become.
Tina has been teaching preschool since 1996. She is a licensed Early Childhood Educator, currently teaching at the NAEYC-accredited preschool at the Summit School of Ahwatukee in Phoenix. She has training and experience working with typically-developing children and children with special needs. For three years she co-taught with co-author, Deb Ellsworth, at St. David’s Center for Child Development and Family Services in Minnesota.

Tina and her husband have two grown children. Teaching is her second career; the first took her around the world as a lighting designer for numerous dance and theater companies. She is a second-generation author; her mother, Gloria Kamen, wrote and illustrated many books for children and young adults.

Kathy Peach

At a time of life when most people begin to slow down, Kathy Peach decided to head for the Southwest to live near her daughter after being in Tennessee her entire life.

She then followed her lifelong dreams of earning a college degree and writing a children's book. Peach graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education and taught for the Head Start program in Phoenix.

In developing “The Tiniest Tumbleweed,” the Chandler author incorporated a method of writing children's literature whereby readers can believe in a life of limitless possibilities, with theories from a psychologist who taught that all people have the capability to achieve.

She was helped in her project by noted children’s author Conrad Storad, who edited the story, and illustrator Alex Lopez.

Louise Gabriel

“Puddles the Raindrop Explores the Grand Canyon State” is the creation of Louise Gabriel of Gilbert.

She wrote the story to teach kids about water in Arizona in a fun format.

In this story Puddles rides in powerful rivers and rainstorms as he makes his way to see his good friend, Gabe. Through the story we all learn about the water cycle, desert plants, critters and how a water balloon can be used in a fun experiment.

There is also a cute Puddles stuffed toy, made by the Stuffington Bear factory in Phoenix.

Louise is a longtime faculty member, author, speaker, photographer, artist and educator. She attended McClintock High School and Northern Arizona University.