9 Years of Tumbleweed Tree Ornaments

9 Years of Tumbleweed Tree Ornaments

Posted by John Wolfe on 23rd Nov 2020

In 2012, as the city of Chandler celebrated its centennial, Sibley's West approached Brenda and Rick Schodt of Southwest Ornaments with an idea: Could you produce a hand-painted ornament that would honor the Tumbleweed Tree, the city holiday tradition since 1957?

The Schodts, who operate their company in Chandler, grabbed the idea and came up with a limited-edition orb that was both colorful and memorable.

It featured the unique white Christmas tree erected each November in Downtown Chandler, plus the two candle accessories. It came in blue, red and green. And Brenda signed each one with title and year.

It was a hit!

For the following year, the Schodts designed an ornament that incorporated the historic arches of the iconic San Marcos resort hotel. The hotel was marking its centennial in 2013.

A tradition was created.

For the 2014 holiday, Brenda painted the Tumbleweed Tree but this time added a new element: the American flag that flies in front of the tree.

One aspect of Southwest Ornaments and Brenda and Rick is their innovation.

For the 2015 tumbleweed bulb, they introduced a new type of paint --- glow-in-the-dark. Memorable!


 The following year they brought back the candles and palms and placed the Tumbleweed Tree on a red bulb.

The 2017 Tumbleweed Tree ornament was unusual: Rick found a clear glass ornament that had what looked like a tumbleweed inside. (It was actually narrow copper streamers arranged in a swirl.)

Then Brenda painted the Tumbleweed Tree on one side. Amazing!


For 2018, the ornament had an Arizona feel -- featuring the desert's cacti and plant life.

Last year the Tumbleweed Tree ornament had a classic look. It was art on a gold bulb and this version included Santa's House next to the tree.

What will the 2020 Tumbleweed Tree ornament look like?

UPDATE: The unveiled 2020 ornament, featuring holly, a candy cane and a gingerbread cookie on a ruby red ball.



Thank you, Brenda and Rick, for sharing your talents with your Chandler community! You've created memories for thousands of your neighbors!