Arizona Pepper Products and Sibley's West: Boosting Arizona Businesses

Arizona Pepper Products and Sibley's West: Boosting Arizona Businesses

Posted by John Wolfe on 15th Oct 2019

This is a series of posts spotlighting Arizona businesses that share their products with Sibley's West, as part of the "Small Business Boost" award efforts of 3TV/CBS 5, BNC National Bank, the Arizona Small Business Association and Cox Business.

It's difficult to go into a Valley restaurant and not come across Arizona Gunslinger hot sauces.

"Smokin' Hot" Jalapeno, Habanero, Chipotle ... flavors known, yes, for heat but also for flavor.

Arizona Gunslinger is a brand created by Arizona Pepper Products of Mesa, which has been serving the community since 1985. We have a host of their products available in our online store.

The name comes from Arizona's past with famous gunslingers like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.

They aim for a thick, rich pepper sauce that has "the zing of a hot shootin’ iron." Put some fire in your chili, add some spice to your sauces, or drop some red hot pepper on your eggs. They are also great for hot wings.

Arizona Gunslinger is prepared with natural ingredients, featuring red ripened jalapeno peppers and 20% pepper solids, which is high on the scale.

The company expanded with a host of other Southwest products. They produce spicy pistachios, microwave popcorn -- with some heat -- salsas, spicy olives, and gift packs.

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