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Arizona Themed Convention Gifts, Corporate Gift and Welcome Baskets from Sibley’s West!

Posted by John Wolfe on 28th May 2019

If your company needs Arizona corporate gifts for employees, visitors or convention attendees, Sibley’s West can help!

Over the years we’ve been happy to work with companies both in Arizona and ones far away for special event packages. Some examples:

  • An out-of-state engineering group holding a convention in Phoenix needed 25 Arizona baskets and 49 welcome bags for special guests and speakers. We created some options, they made a few changes, and we delivered all of the items to the hotel before arrival.
  • A local company expanding in the Valley wanted a unique way to welcome new employees, many of whom were moving to Arizona. They opted for a gift tray featuring prickly pear trail mix, salsa, All About Arizona playing cards and the Day Trips book by Pam Hait.
  • A Scottsdale group wanted a “Best in Arizona” basket for a fund-raiser. They selected a variety of items, including a State Forty Eight cap, a scented candle from Armadilla Wax Works, Cerreta’s mints and Queen Creek Olive Mill oils.
  • In our most demanding request, a Georgia company sought an Arizona gift to give to guests attending a convention in South Carolina (in hopes of encouraging them to attend the following year’s meeting in Phoenix). They wanted salsa bowls made in Arizona. We reached out to one of our Tucson suppliers, who produced 475 colorful bowls.

You can email us at, call us at 480-899-4480, or stop by the store at 72 S. San Marcos Place in Downtown Chandler. Or order one of our themed baskets at

“We try to understand what the event planner is looking for and then customize a gift from there,” said Michelle Wolfe, owner of Sibley’s West. “Some want consumables like prickly pear candy, chocolate or crackers. Others might want a keepsake. Or some like to give out lotions and lip balms.”

Sibley’s West will produce items in the guest’s price range and in the necessary volumes, from one to 500.

“We’re fortunate to have a gift designer like Christy MacKellar on the team,” Michelle said. “She has a keen eye for arranging multiple items for great presentation.”

Sibley’s West is a resource for companies and corporations in need of items produced in Arizona. As teams travel to other parts of the country or around the world, organizations like the idea of bringing local gifts to their Asian or European colleagues.

Like individuals, these groups can visit Sibley’s West to “Share-izona”!