Author of the Week: Barbara Renner

Posted by John Wolfe on 19th Mar 2018

Barbara Renner

If you've ever watched a quail for very long, you might think something's awry, a little off. But also something endearing.

Barbara Renner has had those thoughts.

The North Phoenix resident decided to write about a quail. Quincy the Quail, to be precise.

"You see them in the neighborhood and it's delightful to watch them run around," the 42-year Arizona resident said. "You get a feeling of family life and friendship."

But they can also seem a bit clumsy.

That's Quincy, who is the protagonist in two of Barbara's books, "Quincy the Quail Leads His Family on an Adventure" and 2017's "Quincy the Quail Saves a Life."

In the books we meet Quincy and his family. The stories capture the challenges and rewards of being a quail.

"It's OK to be clumsy," Barbara said. "You might think it's something that might prevent you from doing something, but you still can."

Barbara, who is a native of New Mexico, has written four other children's books, which feature Lonnie the Loon and have a Minnesota spin.

An April or May book-signing event at Sibley's West is being planned.