Cactus Candy Co. and Sibley's West: Boosting Arizona Businesses

Cactus Candy Co. and Sibley's West: Boosting Arizona Businesses

Posted by John Wolfe on 8th Oct 2019

This is a series of posts spotlighting Arizona businesses that share their products with Sibley's West, as part of the "Small Business Boost" award efforts of 3TV/CBS 5, BNC National Bank, the Arizona Small Business Association and Cox Business.

Cactus Candy -- made from the juice of the fruit of the prickly pear cactus -- is the quintessential Arizona candy!

It dates back to 1942 in Phoenix and continues today in cactus candy single squaresboxes of cactus candy squarescactus candy gift baskets, and cactus candy gift ideas for any occasion.

The iconic yellow box of the Cactus Candy Co. continues to be produced by the family-owned and -operated business, Amelio C. Enterprises.

Amelio Casciato purchased the gourmet specialty-foods company in 1996. It had been creating candies, jellies, marmalades and syrups out of the prickly pear cactus fruit since 1942.

Amelio expanded the firm by manufacturing a wide variety of products for small- to medium-size companies selling products in grocery chains and local markets.

In 2006 the company acquired Arizona Cowboy Foods, which specializes in private labeling and packaging of snack items like popcorns, nuts and trail mixes to barbeque sauces, salsa and mustards. It later acquired Desert Rose Foods and Albertas Organic, then Grandma Koyote’s. 

An Italian immigrant, Amelio always said he has strived to "Do Better." That motto is being continued by his son Angelo, who is also a key figure in the business.

Here's a video about the company from "Sonoran Living":