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'Can We Get 475 Arizona Salsa Bowls, and Can You Get Them to South Carolina?'

Posted by John Wolfe on 25th Apr 2017

In late February, we received an email from an event planner in Atlanta:

We're having an event in Charleston, S.C. in April and would like 475 salsa bowls to give out as gifts. But they have to be made in Arizona.

Can you do that?

Well ...

And can you box them, and include an artist card about who made them?

Well ...

We are fortunate to have an amazing array of artists as our suppliers, who are often willing to customize orders if asked.

For salsa bowls, we reached out to Galen Miller and Jan Jones of Del Terra Pottery of Tucson.

With five weeks' lead time, Galen and Jan were able to turn all of the bowls and deliver them to Sibley's West.

Galen drops off the salsa bowls.

Then the Sibley's West team constructed boxes, applied stickers, and inserted tissue and bubble wrap to each piece.

But how to get them to South Carolina safely?

With that many pieces filling nine large boxes, we decided to deliver them ourselves.

And, yes, South Carolina is more than 2,000 miles away.

So John hit the road.

And for folks who have traveled I-10, I-20 and points east, does any of this look familiar?

Day 1: On I-10 in Cochise County.

Day 2: Passing by Sibley, La.

Day 2: Crossing the Mississippi at Vicksburg.

Day 3: Made it to South Carolina!

On the morning of the fourth day, we arrived at the hotel in downtown Charleston. With some help from the bell staff, the boxes of salsa bowls were delivered in time for the conference.

Thanks, Galen and Jan, for helping to promote Arizona with your art!