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Diana Madaras and the Masters Series

Diana Madaras and the Masters Series

Posted by John Wolfe on 10th Feb 2020

Saguaro Van Gogh

In anticipation of the visit by Tucson artist Diana Madaras on Friday, Feb. 21, Sibley's West has a variety of her canvas reproductions on walls and available for purchase.

Three pieces are getting a lot of attention.

"Saguaro Van Gogh", "Saguaro Picasso" and "Saguaro Klee" are all are part of the Masters Series, which Diana undertook as a way to explore the thought processes, thinking, and techniques of master artists and incorporate those lessons into subject matter familiar to her.

As you can see, they capture the Sonoran Desert as if through the masters' eyes.

Vincent Van Gogh was a post-impressionist Dutch oil painter from the late 1800s. Pablo Picasso was the Spanish painter and sculptor of the 20th century who experimented with numerous styles, including cubism. Paul Klee was an early 20th-century painter who was influenced by cubism, expressionism and surrealism. 

Diana said she enjoyed pushing the envelope and tackling this creative challenge.

"They say art begets art," she said. "Artists all get inspiration from each other."

She added, she would not have thought to place an eyeball in the middle of a saguaro had she not studied Picasso.

 Saguaro Picasso

Diana will be visiting Sibley's West from 6 to 8 pm Friday, Feb. 21. The event occurs during the Friday Night Live festivities in Downtown Chandler, featuring live music by Mogollon and art vendors.

The evening will also feature Diana's Spirit Animals series.

Hope you can stop by!

Saguaro Klee