Meet Julie Bonner, creator of "Desert Dweller" cards

Posted by John Wolfe on 25th Sep 2018

Please join us in welcoming Tucson artist Julie Bonner to Sibley's West.

Julie is known for blending painting with her design expertise. She is the creator of the Addy Award-winning Desert Dwellers Flash Cards.

Julie created the cards to teach her son, Syver, about the amazing Southwest wildlife. Each card contains amusing stories about desert animals from A to Z and feature Julie’s acrylic art on canvas.

Local schools, parents and grandparents are using them to promote literacy and learn about desert animals.

Born in Binghampton, N.Y. in 1978, Julie was an artistic only child. She drew on any paper within reach and made handmade greeting cards for her friends.

Her parents, Ray and Jane, were teachers who supported Julie’s vision with encouraging words. Julie painted a mural in her middle school and earned her first freelance logo project in high school.

After earning her bachelor's degree in graphic design from Drexel University and a master's degree in business, Julie opened up her own creative studio in Arizona.

“The Southwest is so beautiful and I’m fascinated with our unique wildlife!" she said. "I paint using saturated and bright colors, which are perfect for capturing the vibrancy of the desert."

Today Julie loves combining painting with design to create new educational products for her Julie Originals line.

Her 8 year old son, Syver, is very involved with the business. In fact, he likes to sign his artwork “Syver Originals”!

Julie Bonner will be participating in Sibley's West's Oct. 6 "Peach & Friends" children's author event. The special event takes place from 11 am to 1 pm.