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'Name the Tumbleweed Snowman' at Sibley's West

Posted by John Wolfe on 27th Nov 2018

Chandler has the Tumbleweed Tree. Now Sibley's West has the Tumbleweed Snowman!

Our own Christy MacKellar, the talented My Hidden Hearts artist, was inspired by the Downtown Chandler tradition and earlier this month decided to add a dimension to it.

"We have so many things made with tumbleweeds in the store -- the Tumblestone jewelry, the tumbleweed pens, Kathy Peach's "The Tiniest Tumbleweed" book -- I thought it would be fun to have a snowman," Christy said.

The city crew had a few extra tumbleweeds and gave them to Christy. She followed their process of shaping and coloring the tumbleweeds, and added a hat, two eyes and, of course, a red heart.

"You have to work with it while it's still green," Christy said. "Once it's gone, it's hard to shape."

The Tumbleweed Snowman is now sitting in the front window at Sibley's West -- with tumbleweed "snowballs" dangling above.

Sibley's West is holding a contest to name the Snowman. You can vote on a name in store through Saturday's Tree-Lighting and Parade event.

The choices:

* Snowy

* Frosty

* Chuck

* Timmy

* Prickly

* Thistle

* Chad

* Sir Sibley

Thank you, Christy for sharing your artistic talents with Sibley's West and our guests!