New Artist Profile: The Whimsy of Brenda Peo

New Artist Profile: The Whimsy of Brenda Peo

Posted by John Wolfe on 13th Jul 2020

Aren’t these images fun?

They are the creations of our newest supplier, Brenda Peo Fine Art of Saint David, AZ (which is between Benson and Tombstone).

We have a selection of her whimsical greeting cards – with donkeys (Mork and Mindy), a chicken (kookookacho), even an ostrich (Ozzie)! – and a giclee canvas of Clemmie the donkey.

Brenda is a self-taught oil artist who was born in Chicago but grew up in the Southwest.

You may have encountered her at arts fairs over the last 25 years with her collection of copper, red brass and sterling silver jewelry. It was successful but she says it didn’t satisfy her creative spirit.

She started painting in 2008 and loves “every minute” of it!

She especially enjoys painting animals, trying to capture their individual personalities and quirks.

“Some expressions are priceless,” says Peo, who lives along the San Pedro River. “Luckily there is never a shortage of volunteers.”

At first, she admits, she tried make the images realistic.

“But it just wasn’t working,” she said. So she developed her own style.

“A bit of realism/impressionism – big a big dash of humor!”

Brenda is also a contributor at the Madaras Gallery in Tucson. And if you are up in Williams this month, be sure to visit the Williams Gallery where she is featured as the Artist of the Month.

Stop by Sibley’s West to give them a look!