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'Rustic but refined' jewelry from Alene's Adornments

Posted by John Wolfe on 6th Nov 2018

Alene's Adornments is a Chandler jewelry company created by artist Alene Geed.

Talented in the use of mixed metals like silver and copper, Alene produces beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that reflect Arizona's unique landscape. She calls her pieces "rustic but refined."

In her Sacred Spiral line, Alene explains that the spiral is an ancient symbol that represents growth and evolution.

A spiral starts as a tight circle and then expands quickly into infinity.

With her pieces, Alene hopes that wearers will embrace the idea that our actions -- a smile to a stranger, opening a door, sharing a kind word -- will create ripples of joy across the community.

If you would like to meet Alene, she will be participating in our "Men's Night" shopping promotion on Wednesday, Dec. 12.

Here's our video with Alene: