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Sibley's West and Small Business Saturday

Sibley's West and Small Business Saturday

Posted by John Wolfe on 25th Nov 2019

Why do we love Small Business Saturday?

Because it's fun. It's friends coming in to say hello and to do some shopping.

Because it's real. It's real people, with a real understanding of the ebbs and flows of small businesses, with a real desire to give the community the fiber it needs to push forward.

Because it's meaningful. It's parents showing their kids the importance of community and ingenuity and commerce and hard work.

Because it's for everyone. Young and old. Natives and newcomers. Winter visitors and family in for the Thanksgiving weekend.

It's all about sharing.

All day long -- from 10 am to 8 pm -- Sibley's West is filled with friends. Many indulge us by allowing their photos to be taken and shared. And those smiles are genuine.

This is Sibley's West's ninth (1) Small Business Saturday. (Thank you, American Express, for creating this!)

And we're sure some folks have stopped by for each one.

So this is a thank you.

When you visit Sibley's West and pick up an item or two, there is a potter in Payson, an artist in Tucson, a candlemaker in Prescott, a jewelry artist in Queen Creek, a rock sculptor in St. John's, or a hot-sauce maker in Goodyear who appreciates you.

And 200 other individuals and small businesses who are doing their best to make everyone proud to be in Arizona.