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Sibley's West launching Book Club

Posted by John Wolfe on 28th Dec 2017

With so many talented local authors -- and so many avid readers -- we are launching the Sibley's West Book Club for the months of January, February and March.

Each month we will feature a different author and book. At the end of the month, the author will hold an hour-long discussion with guests about the book.

For guests, IF you purchase the book at least a week before the event, IF you register to attend, and IF you attend, you will receive a 20% OFF ONE TRANSACTION coupon to use at Sibley's West.


Featured book “Under a Desert Sky” by Chandler author Lynne Hartke

Wednesday, Jan 31 from 6-7 pm on the Sibley’s West stage

There comes a time in life when we find ourselves in the desert place of burning questions. Why? Why me? But even as we shake our fist heavenward, the heart whispers another question. Who? Who are you, God? It is a question of relationship, a question we all murmur in the hardest places.

Against the backdrop of the Sonoran Desert, Lynne Hartke asks her own hard questions as cancer arrives like a thief with one goal: to take it all. Hair. The contents of a stomach. A marriage. A life. As her days become a blur of doctors' appointments, treatments, and surgeries, she wrestles with a tumble of tangled emotions, a shaken faith, and self-doubt. Cancer is now not only threatening her own life, but, in a surprising twist, the lives of both her parents as well.

Through her raw, lyrical words, Hartke invites fellow sojourners to discover that in life's hardest places, they are not alone in their fear, they are not foolish to hope, and they are never forgotten by a loving, pursuing God. Never.


Featured book “Dead Air” by Chandler author Laurie Fagen

Tuesday, Feb 27 from 6-7 pm on the Sibley’s West stage

Young radio reporter Lisa Powers follows her hunches to help solve criminal cases, but at the risk of denying her own emotional health.

She comes face to face with a suspected cop shooter, but refuses to admit how the harrowing experience continues to haunt her.

She’s resolute in the search for a violent rapist in a 15-year-old cold case, unwavering in her mission to bring closure to the tormented young woman who was sexually abused when she was four.

Lisa introduces “L.N. Pane, P. I,” the lead podcast character in a 1940s film noir saga of a gritty female gumshoe gunning to finger someone trying to bump off a gent.


Featured book “ The Journal of Sedona Schnebly” by Lisa Schnebly Heidinger

Wednesday, March 28 from 6-7 pm on the Sibley’s West stage

Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly followed her husband west when their small Missouri town condemned his Presbyterian religion. Arriving in Arizona Territory in 1901, they planted orchards and hosted early tourists in what is now named Sedona. This vivid journal of her life introduces you to a pioneer family—from their gentle upbringings through adventures with rattlesnakes, trappers, and colorful travels. With 30 photographs from family collections, this volume of Sedona Schnebly's life draws you into a fiercely private woman's life that is by turns amusing, and heartbreaking—and always fascinating.

To receive a 20% off coupon:

1-Purchase book at least 7 days before meeting

2-Register for book club meeting

3-Attend meeting to collect coupon

SPECIAL OFFER: Participate in all 3 spring book club meetings and receive a store credit equal to the amount you paid for the books!

Stop by, buy a book and sign up!