Southwest Specialty Food and Sibley's West: Boosting Arizona Businesses

Posted by John Wolfe on 24th Jun 2019

This is a series of posts spotlighting Arizona businesses that share their products with Sibley's West, as part of the "Small Business Boost" award efforts of 3TV/CBS 5, BNC National Bank, the Arizona Small Business Association and Cox Business.

Arizona is known for its international business -- Intel, Avnet, Microchip, ON Semiconductor, and the list goes on.

But one business also has its products in markets around the world: Southwest Specialty Food Co.

The family-owned Goodyear business produces heat --- in hot sauces, salsas, chili mixes, seasonings and much more. You can find many of their products at Sibley's West. 

Their story goes back to 1986, when Jeff Jacobs started to develop his first line of products, the Señor Jakes BBQ Sauces.

But he faced hurdles in trying to get into major food chains. Then, as he says, with a little luck and a whole lot of heat, he discovered the specialty-foods market and began creating what is currently over 200 specialty products now sold worldwide. The Ass Kickin' brand was born!

Each recipe begins with a custom spice mix. Then the team selects the peppers to give the product the right amount of heat. They taste it and refine the recipe until it’s just right.

The snack line produces some of the hottest things ever you will nibble on at the movies -- all made fresh and packaged up fast for the trip to your front door. 

Jeff's wife, Linda, describes more about the company in this video.

And here's a video from Southwest that shows their donkeys.