State Forty Eight and Sibley's West: Boosting Arizona Businesses

State Forty Eight and Sibley's West: Boosting Arizona Businesses

Posted by John Wolfe on 1st Oct 2019

This is a series of posts spotlighting Arizona businesses that share their products with Sibley's West, as part of the "Small Business Boost" award efforts of 3TV/CBS 5, BNC National Bank, the Arizona Small Business Association and Cox Business.

It's hard to believe it's been six years since Chandler natives Michael Spangenberg and Stephen and Nicholas Polando launched a T-shirt brand called State Forty Eight. (That's Nick, Mike and Stephen in a Phoenix Business Journal photo.)

The Chandler High friends were brainstorming a way to show their pride in Arizona in 2013 when Nick, a graphic artist, came up with the now-iconic State Forty Eight logo.

You can now find their image customized to a slew of collaborative partners; Serrano's showed off a custom shirt -- with bean dip, of course -- at their Centennial Fiesta last month.

Of course, Sibley's West has carried their designs since 2014 and enjoys being their "hometown store."

Over the years we've shot several videos with the guys.

This one from Facebook was the most recent.

Here are a couple of others going "way back" -- like to 2016 and 2015.

Please join us in saluting the three founders of State Forty Eight!