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Supplier Profile: Allina Handcrafted Soaps

Posted by John Wolfe on 4th Feb 2019

When Alina Walicki took vacations, her souvenir was a little different: soap.

"I've liked soap all my life," she said.

When she operated a boutique on Coronado Island in San Diego for 20 years, among the products she offered were various soaps.

It wasn't until last year, when she and her husband, Tad, moved to Prescott, AZ, that she decided to try making soaps.

Now, a year later, she has company called Allini Handcrafted Soaps, and she has joined Sibley's West's array of Arizona suppliers.

Her soaps use glycerin, which she combines with coconut milk, goat's milk, shea butter and an array of other ingredients.

But they are all natural -- no chemicals, no detergents.

"I want to make soaps with skin-loving ingredients," she said. "I want them to be very moisturizing and have a lather and creaminess."

Her first soap was Grapefruit Bellini. She asked Tad if he would show it to friends at work. He received 11 orders.

Her soaps come with a variety of scents and in bright colors.

"Design is very important," she said. "I want people to find them comfortable, whimsical."

Alina spent much of the year showcasing her soaps at festivals in Prescott and Sedona. She and Tad are working to open a bath and body shop in Prescott.

They both come from the same small town in Poland, Legnica, but didn't know each other growing up.

They eventually met there through siblings and reconnected soon after in Portland, Ore. 30 years ago. They have triplets -- three 12-year-old boys.

The long commutes of southern California motivated them to move to Arizona.

She is now running Allina Handcrafted Soaps, and creating unique soaps in various shapes and scents.

"I hope my soaps cheer people up when they wash their hands."