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Supplier Profile: Bob Klick of Arizona Souvenirs & Gifts

Posted by John Wolfe on 26th Feb 2019

If you've been in any souvenir shop in Arizona, you've probably seen Bob Klick's work.

He estimates that he has designed and produced more than 2,000 different trinkets celebrating the state, from shot glasses and spoons to pins and pens.

The Scottsdale businessman, who owns Arizona Souvenirs & Gifts with his wife, Sally, moved to Arizona in 1993 at the suggestion of a friend to start the company. He would design an item, work with an artist and then get it manufactured.

His first souvenir? A keychain. With a kokopelli or a cactus (which he's a holding).

Bob's entire career has been in mementos.

As a college student, he joined Six Flags in St. Louis as a seasonal employee and obviously made an impression; he became their vice president of merchandising at age 22 and was sent to China to coordinate production.

He was involved in product development with Six Flags for 18 years before moving to Atlanta, Myrtle Beach and, ultimately, Hilton Head Island to produce locally themed souvenirs. He wasn't wild about the ocean life but Hilton Head is where he met Sally.

Then came the move to the Valley.

"I love what I do," he said. "Everything is my own design."

His colorful Arizona mugs and shot glasses are popular, but his biggest seller is the saguaro pen.

"I think we sell over 10,000 a year," he said.

He likes to come up with unusual items. His newest pieces are snake-themed: a rattler picture frame, a snake head bottle opener and a snake head keychain.

It takes a year from design to production to bring an item to the marketplace. He and his artist create the designs and then paint the molds to their specifications.

So, which souvenir is his favorite?

"They're all my favorites."