The Making of the 'What's The Point?' Cactus Card Game

The Making of the 'What's The Point?' Cactus Card Game

Posted by John Wolfe on 29th Jan 2021

The newest addition to Sibley's West and is a fun, new cactus-themed card game, "What's The Point?," by Ryan Wallace of Flagstaff.

What's The Point? is an exciting, family-friendly strategy game! The objective is to match and collect sets of cacti cards to earn points. Use a variety of action cards to gain an advantage over your friends, such as unleashing a "SEE AND STEAL" card, allowing you to look at another player’s hand and steal any card of your choice.

Or protect yourself from harm by playing a "STOP" card, forcing any action to stop in its tracks.

The game was three years in the making, and boosted last fall by a Kickstarter campaign.

Here's how Ryan tells it:

"I originally thought making a card game would only take a couple of months ... little did I know this would be an ongoing project that has taken over three years of hard work and love to develop.

"I started working on What's The Point? in 2018, where I would play-test the game with my roommates in college. At this point in time, we were playing on flashcards with scribbles on them. As time went on and I became more confident in the rules and how the game is played, I started creating more cards and allowing more people to play-test What's The Point?"

All of the illustrations were designed by Ryan. He started by sketching them on paper. He eventually transferred them to a computer.

He used watercolors to finish the drawings.

He relied on friends at Northern Arizona University to play-test the game. He also asked his mother for feedback. She said, "It's the best game in the whole world and I will buy 10 copies."

He honed the card design over the last year and, with the Kickstarter support, was able to manufacture the game in December.

The game is $25.99 and now available at Sibley's West and at

Congratulations, Ryan!