The story behind Small Business Boost and Small Business of the Year!

Posted by John Wolfe on 7th May 2019

What a day!

May 2, 2019 will always have a special meaning for the Sibley's West team!

The day started with Sibley's West being selected the winner of the 2019 Small Business Boost award sponsored by the Arizona Small Business Association, Cox Business, BNC National Bank, and AZ Family 3TV.

Then, as we celebrated with the team that afternoon, Terri Kimble and a Chandler Chamber of Commerce contingent stopped by with some news -- Sibley's West is the recipient of their 2019 Small Business of the Year award!

How did this happen?

It started in March when John filled out the Small Business Boost questionnaire online. More than 60 other Valley businesses did as well, and the first step was garnering online votes from supporters. Fortunately, Sibley's West friends and guests signed in and we were part of the 12 businesses to advance in early April.

Then each business was asked to provide a one-minute video about how they could use "a boost."

For our video, we asked a few of our nearby suppliers if they could take part. We are grateful they did!

Here's our video:

Isn't that fun?

That, combined with our essay questions from the original form, caught the attention of the Small Business Boost judges and we were selected one of the three finalists, along with the Scookie Bar food truck and My Errand Ally, a Chandler-based errand service.

As such, Cox Business sent out a crew to produce a video for the May 2 awards luncheon. And we once again benefited from the presence of suppliers and friends to be "customers." (You'll probably recognize them!)

Here it is:

At the end of the Arizona Small Business Association's Enterprise Business Awards luncheon in Scottsdale, it was announced that Sibley's West would get "the Boost."

Michelle and John then returned to the store. A phone call came in. Terri Kimble, president of the Chandler Chamber, wanted to stop by with a gift.

We thought it pertained to the boost.

No, it was this:

What a day!

What a tremendous honor for Sibley's West!

Now we really need a celebration.

So we went and purchased some sparkling wine and grape juice!

Celebrating with the team and friends. (Unfortunately, Steve and Ellen couldn't make it.)

Then some dinner on the patio at Las Palmas Cantina in Downtown Chandler. (Note: Best guacamole around.)

The fun continued on Friday.

Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke stopped by to offer his congratulations for the awards.

Then, we tried to cash the check at Alliance Bank. They wouldn't take it. Something about no routing numbers.

Finally, on Friday night, we got to see this PSA on 3TV about the Small Business Boost and our selection.

What's next?

(Thanks, everyone!)