Vim and Vigor: Candles and Copper

Posted by John Wolfe on 9th Oct 2018

On a trip to Costa Rica, Kristin Boyd was enjoying a vacation when she was washed by the scent of avocado trees in bloom.

Most would enjoy the moment, capture a memory and move on to a canopy tour.

But Kristin is a candle maker and was determined to recreate the moment.

Her creation: a Sea Salt and Avocado soy candle.

It is one of the best-sellers in her Vim + Vigor Candle Co. line, now available at Sibley’s West in Downtown Chandler.

Kristin, a Phoenix native, launched her business in 2015. Her Vim + Vigor products are unique because she places her scented candles in copper containers, which reflect Arizona’s industry and can be repurposed once the candle has burned.

Sibley’s West features five of her most popular scents in three sizes: Sea Salt and Avocado, Tobacco and Amber, Gardenia and Rainwater, Cider and Cedarwood (for the fall), and Holly Berry and Fir (for the holidays).

“I love experimenting with scents,” Kristin said. “I’ll put together 40 to 50 combinations and have my family and friends vote on the ones they like.”

The top vote-getters advance. She is up to 20 different scents.

She uses soy wax because it is clean burning.

Kristin is a graduate of Xavier and Chapman University. She launched her business in 2015 and went all in in 2016. Her copper candles are now in more than 50 stores in 14 states.

And about the name:

“’Vim and vigor’ is something my grandfather used to always tell my sisters and I,” she said. “He would say to proceed with ‘vim and vigor.’”

“It means to have energy and passion for what you’re doing and perseverance,” she said. “When I was coming up for a name, that kept ringing in the back of my mind.”