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Children's Books

  • A Cowgirl And Her Horse - Children's Book

    A Cowgirl And Her Horse

    A wacky tale of friendship and love, meet one charming cowgirl and her best friend, her horse, of course!  A cowgirl has so many things to do for her horse, sometimes it's hard to keep them...

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  • Because You Are My Baby - Children's Book

    Because You Are My Baby

    I'll teach you everything I know, because you are my baby. A mama coyote sings songs at night just as a human mama cuddles her baby and lays her down to sleep. This darling story illustrates that the...

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  • Bedtime In The Southwest - Children's Book

    Bedtime In The Southwest

    Every critter - even children - likes to dodge bedtime. The charming animals of the Southwest humorously define what not to do at bedtime. Cuddle up with this amusing, rhyming lullaby that will help...

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  • Children's Book - Cactus Hotel

    Cactus Hotel

    It's not surprising that it is another hot day in the desert, birds and animals scamper around looking for food. They stop at a giant cactus when they get tired.  It's a hotel in the desert!...

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  • Cindy Ellen - Children's Book

    Cindy Ellen

    You might think you have heard this story before, but you will get a wild west bellyache from this humorous rendition!  Once upon a time, there was a cowgirl named Cindy Ellen, who lived with...

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  • Desert Night Shift Children's Book

    Desert Night Shift

    Penny Pack Rat loves to collect things in the Sonoran Desert at night. When Nana says she always wanted a silver spoon Penny decides to find one for her. Facts about the Desert Pack Rat and Words to...

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  • Don't Call Me Pig Children's Book

    Don't Call Me Pig!

    Don't Call Me Pig! is an amusing story full of colorful illustrations to tell the javelina's story. A javelina is a hairy little animal shaped much like a pig. It has a snout and makes noises like a...

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  • Dusty Locks And The Three Bears Children's Book

    Dusty Locks And The Three Bears

    In a rendition titled Dusty Locks and illustrated by Randy Cecil is a southwestern tale of Goldilocks. "She hadn't had a bath for a month of Sundays, so everybody calls her Dusty Locks. But she's...

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  • Fang and Stinger Children's Book

    Fang and Stinger

    An unlikely pair become friends after they are harassed by a tarantula hawk wasp.  This story is the friendship of a tarantula and a scorpion and how they learn to stand up for themselves.

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  • Good Night, Arizona

    Good Night, Arizona

    Good Night Arizona visits a variety of beautiful and exciting regions of the state including the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest National Park and the Colorado River. See the beauty of the desert...

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  • I Howl I Growl - Children's Book

    I Howl I Growl

    Join the lively animals of this book as they race, chase, howl and growl across the pages of this board book. Bold illustrations and memorable rhymes make I Howl, I Growl the ideal introduction to...

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