Children's Gifts

Your child will love these unique and special Arizona themed gift ideas; puzzles, books, sand art, and keepsakes. Sibley's West


  • a-very-hairy-christmas

    A Very Hairy Christmas

    This holiday offering brings back the stars of Susan Lowell's "The Three Little Javelinas," in which a coyote plays Big Bad Wolf to a trio of pig-like Southwestern creatures. On Christmas Eve, the coyote disguises himself as Santa and descends into the...

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  • Cruisin-Route-66-On-the-Road-Again

    Cruisin' Route 66 On the Road Again Puzzle

    This MasterPieces 18" x 24" 1000-piece "Cruisin' Route 66 On the Road Again" puzzle was created by Dan Hatala. The Cruisin' Route 66 Puzzle Line features detailed scenes of timeless classic cars, and classic car memorabilia along the famous Route 66...

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  • Puzzle-One-Spirit

    Puzzle ~ One Spirit

    The One Spirit puzzle pays homage to the rich culture and long history of America's Native American Indian Tribes. The Tribal Spirit Puzzle Line portrays Native American traditions and ceremonies with an almost reverent accuracy. With a beautiful,...

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  • desert-cactus-dome-garden desert-cactus-dome-garden-back

    Cactus Dome Garden

    Get started in growing your own cactus garden with these easy-to-use dome. Water the seeds following the directions and look for growth in the next 7 to 10 days! Great for learning!

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  • Arizona-arrow-heart-Cactus-Bay-Apparel

    Arizona Arrow Girls T-Shirt

    This colorful girls turquoise T-shirt from Cactus Bay Apparel features "Arizona" and a heart and an arrow in sequins. Machine washable. Sizes XS to L Sizing Suggestions: XS -- 36-42 lbs, 4-5 years old S -- 43-55 lbs, 6-8 years old M -- 56-73 lbs,...

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  • Glow-in-the-dark-southwest-critters-youth-t-shirt Glow-in-the-dark-southwest-critters-youth-t-shirt-dark

    Glow in the Dark Critters Youth T-Shirt

    Give a youth this fun look of the Southwest with a Glow in the Dark T-Shirt featuring a scorpion, a tarantula and a gecko lizard! Made of heavy cotton. Machine washable. Sizes XS to L Sizing Suggestions: XS -- 36-42 lbs, 4-5 years old S -- 43-55...

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  • Nobody-Hugs-a-Cactus-by-Carter-Goodrich

    Nobody Hugs a Cactus

    Enjoy this thoughtful children's book by celebrated artist Carter Goodrich, who was also the lead character designer for "Brave," "Ratatouille," and "Despicable Me," In "Nobody Hugs a Cactus," Goodrich shows that, sometimes, even the prickliest people...

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  • Way-Out-in-the-Desert-childrens-board-book Way-Out-in-the-Desert-childrens-board-book

    Way Out in the Desert

    A Southwest classic, this counting book in rhyme presents various desert animals and their children, from a mother horned toad and her little toadie one to a mom tarantula and her little spiders ten. Numerals are hidden in each illustration.  By T...

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