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  • The-Story-of-Camelback-Mountain-cover The-Story-of-Camelback-Mountain-pages

    The Story of Camelback Mountain

    "The Story of Camelback Mountain" tells the untold tale of Camelback Mountain, which is the iconic landmark separating Phoenix from Paradise Valley. The legend involves a princess whose great grandfather gave her a baby camel which, with the princess's...

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  • The-Tiniest-Tumbleweed-book-Kathy-Peach

    The Tiniest Tumbleweed

    Written by award-winning children's book author, Kathy Peach, and illustrated by Alex Lopez, The Tiniest Tumbleweed is a story about two Sonoran Desert neighbors, a tiny tumbleweed and a baby house sparrow, who are both small for their age...

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  • Arizona-Welcome-Baby-Gift-Basket

    Arizona Welcome Baby Gift Basket

    Welcome baby Arizona style with this Baby Gift Basket.  Surprise mom and baby with these Arizona made gift items. This natural, small weave basket includes: Emerald Cactus Teether: USA quality and safety tested, easy to clean.  Because...

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  • I-Howl-I-Growl-Childrens-Book

    I Howl I Growl

    Join the lively animals of this book as they race, chase, howl and growl across the pages of this board book. Bold illustrations and memorable rhymes make I Howl, I Growl the ideal introduction to the wide range of animals that live in the desert habitat...

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  • The-Three-Little-Javelinas-Childrens-Book

    The Three Little Javelinas

    Everyone remembers the story of the three little pigs, well meet the three little javelinas (pronounced ha-ve-LEE-nas).  The wild, southwestern cousins of pigs. They live in homes built out of tumbleweeds and saguaro ribs. Where can they run for...

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  • A-Cowgirl-And-Her-Horse-Childrens-Book

    A Cowgirl And Her Horse

    A wacky tale of friendship and love, meet one charming cowgirl and her best friend, her horse, of course!  A cowgirl has so many things to do for her horse, sometimes it's hard to keep them all straight! But this cowgirl knows what it takes...

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  • Bedtime-In-The-Southwest-Childrens-Book

    Bedtime In The Southwest

    Every critter - even children - likes to dodge bedtime. The charming animals of the Southwest humorously define what not to do at bedtime. Cuddle up with this amusing, rhyming lullaby that will help even the most fidgety among us look forward to bedtime...

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  • Jump-Childrens-Book


    Meet Barb, a clever cactus who likes adventure, she thinks that nothing ever changes in the desert.  Then one day she takes the leap of a lifetime! Join the most exciting jumping cholla you'll ever meet.  She jumps from her home onto a...

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  • Because-You-Are-My-Baby-Childrens-Book

    Because You Are My Baby

    I'll teach you everything I know, because you are my baby. A mama coyote sings songs at night just as a human mama cuddles her baby and lays her down to sleep. This darling story illustrates that the love a mother has for her child is not unlike the care...

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  • Childrens-Book-Cactus-Hotel

    Cactus Hotel

    It's not surprising that it is another hot day in the desert, birds and animals scamper around looking for food. They stop at a giant cactus when they get tired.  It's a hotel in the desert!  Even the youngest child will enjoy this story about...

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