Whether you are looking for hot and spicy or mild we can satisfy your palate! From morning tea to popcorn at the movies we've got you covered with the best and most unique Arizona food. Great for gifts!  All our food is made locally in Arizona. Sibley's West 

  • PastaPasta-pasta-campanelli-semolina PastaPasta-pasta-fusilli-semolina

    PastaPasta Gourmet Pasta

    Arizona's PastaPasta company produces delicious gourmet "macaroni" like the popular dishes from New York and New Jersey. (That’s what pasta or noodles are called if you are Italian and grew up on the East Coast!) Their pasta is produced using...

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  • Jalapeno-taffy Jalapeno-taffy-nutritional-facts

    Jalapeno Taffy

    Jalapeno taffy is a sweet treat with a bit of hit! A great treat for yourself or as a gift for a taste of the southwest. 10 pieces (2.5oz) Individually wrapped taffy flavored with jalapeno peppers.

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  • Artisan-Baked-Short-Bread-Cookies-cocoa Artisan-Baked-Short-Bread-Cookies-cocoa-nutritional

    Artisan Baked Short Bread Cookies

    Enjoy these delicious Artisan Baked Short Bread Cookies from Urban Oven. Four unique flavors. Net Wt. 7.5 oz. Cocoa: Made from the finest cocoa, this cookie has just the right mixture of cocoa and butter. Perfectly light but flavorful, with just a...

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  • Arizona-Sonoran-Desert-Cactus-Honey-straws

    Arizona Honey Straws

    This package of 10 Arizona Sonoran Desert Cactus Honey straws comes from a pure natural blend of mesquite catclaw, ironwood saguaro and other springtime honeys. Each package is handcrafted in small batches to capture the flavor, nutrients and essence of...

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  • Ass-Blaster-Hot-Sauce-with-Outhouse Ass-Blaster-Hot-Sauce-with-Outhouse

    Ass Blaster Hot Sauce with Outhouse

    From the Ass Kickin' brand of Goodyear, AZ, they call it the Ass Blaster hot sauce for a reason! Grab a bottle and put the blaze back in your saddle. Packed in a wooden outhouse! Ingredients Water, Habanero Pepper, Vinegar, Capsicum Extract,...

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