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Arizona sandstone is used to make a variety of useful items and gifts, from super absorbent coasters to unique writing pens.  Sibley's West

  • Arizona Sandstone Basket

     You will love our Arizona Sandstone Basket. Items in this natural, wide weave gift basket include: Sandstone Coasters (4): Cut from Arizona sandstone and naturally absorbent; sandstone makes a great coaster. Cork base to protect your table...

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  • Handmade Arizona Sandstone Pen

    Handmade Arizona Sandstone Pen

    This handsome pen is hand made from Arizona sandstone. It is fired in a kiln to give it that beautiful and distinctive 'Sedona Red' color. It comes in an acrylic case and gift box. Replaceable Cross pen. A one-of-a-kind gift. Additional styles...

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  • Sandstone Coaster-Plain Sandstone Coaster-Coyote with Moon

    Sandstone Coaster

    Enjoy the uniqueness of the stone variation of each coaster. Each is cut from Arizona sandstone, includes an etched or hand-painted design (other than the "plain" coaster), and has a cork base to protect your table. Sandstone is naturally absorbent and...

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  • Sandstone Magnet - Kokopelli Sandstone Magnet - Sun Spiral

    Sandstone Magnet

    Enjoy the uniqueness of your magnet cut from Arizona sandstone and its etched or hand-painted design ADDITIONAL STYLES AVAILABLE AT THE STORE. VISIT OR CONTACT US FOR PRICING AND DETAILS

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  • Sandstone frame positioned for a horizontal image. Sandstone frame positioned for a vertical image.

    Sandstone Picture Frame

    These beautiful picture frames are made from Arizona sandstone, chiseled from quarries in the north part of the state. They are rock -- as the weight conveys -- and suitable for photos up to 5x7 inches. Because each is different, the look of the one you...

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  • Sandstone Pillar Nightlight

    Sandstone Pillar Nightlight

    These incredible sandstone pillar nightlights make you feel like you are in Antelope Canyon. Created in St. Johns, AZ from local sandstone, these nightlights feature a standard, 4-watt nightlight bulb and cord.

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