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Arizona sandstone is used to make a variety of useful items and gifts, from super absorbent coasters to unique writing pens.  Sibley's West

  • Arizona Sandstone Basket

     You will love our Arizona Sandstone Basket. Items in this natural, wide weave gift basket include: Sandstone Coaster: Cut from Arizona sandstone and naturally absorbent; sandstone makes a great coaster. Cork base to protect your table...

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  • Handmade Arizona Sandstone Pen

    Handmade Arizona Sandstone Pen

    This handsome pen is hand made from Arizona sandstone. It is fired in a kiln to give it that beautiful and distinctive 'Sedona Red' color. It comes in an acrylic case and gift box. Replaceable Cross pen. A one-of-a-kind gift. Additional styles...

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  • Sandstone Coaster-Plain Sandstone Coaster-Coyote with Moon

    Sandstone Coaster

    Enjoy the uniqueness of the stone variation of each coaster. Each is cut from Arizona sandstone, includes an etched or hand-painted design (other than the "plain" coaster), and has a cork base to protect your table. Sandstone is naturally absorbent and...

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  • Sandstone Magnet - Kokopelli Sandstone Magnet - Sun Spiral

    Sandstone Magnet

    Enjoy the uniqueness of your magnet cut from Arizona sandstone and its etched or hand-painted design ADDITIONAL STYLES AVAILABLE AT THE STORE. VISIT OR CONTACT US FOR PRICING AND DETAILS

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