Beautiful southwest stationery, pens and pencils to send your special messages. Sibley's West

  • Whats-The-Point-cactus-card-game Whats-The-Point-cactus-card-game-back

    What's The Point? Cactus Card Game

    What's The Point is a fun cactus-themed card game created by Ryan Wallace of Flagstaff. Your objective in this family-friendly game is to match and collect sets of cacti to earn points. Use a variety of action cards to gain an advantage over your...

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  • susan-libby-fine-art-card-swirls-and-twirls susan-libby-fine-art-card-agave-quail

    Southwest Fine Art Cards by Susan Libby

    Susan Libby of Tucson produces fine art in acrylics and watercolors. She has created 10-card packages for each of six of her popular designs: * Swirls and Twirls! * Agave Quail * Greeter * Desert Choir * Bursts of Color! * Desert Flowers The cards...

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  • Arizona-Four-Peak-mountain-range-open-desert-sky Arizona-Four-Peak-mountain-range-open-desert-sky

    Scenic Arizona Bookmarks

    Enjoy beautiful Arizona scenery with these bookmarks taken by local photographer, Raejean Roberts. They make great souvenirs and gifts! - Sunset Saguaro - Four Peaks Mountain - Pink Desert Botanical - Saguaro Lake - Tempe Town Lake

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  • tumbleweed-pen

    Tumbleweed Pen

    Yes, a pen made from a tumbleweed! These beautiful and unique pens are turned like wood by Mesa artist Danny Kunzelman. No two are the same -- the one pictured is a typical look -- but all are a conversation starter. Each pen comes with a certificate of...

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  • Handmade-Arizona-Sandstone-Pen

    Handmade Arizona Sandstone Pen

    This handsome pen is hand made from Arizona sandstone. It is fired in a kiln to give it that beautiful and distinctive 'Sedona Red' color. It comes in an acrylic case and gift box. Replaceable Cross pen. A one-of-a-kind gift. Additional styles...

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